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If you have VirtualBox installed on your machine, but don't have Vagrant installed and would like to download a Vagrant box manually, that's possible as follows on a Windows 7 Enterprise operating system (though likely trivially adapted for others).

  • Find your box at For the purpose of this example, I'm going with
  • Click the link on the page to the currently released version. In this case, I'm going with
  • Append /providers/ to the URL to initiate the download, e.g.
  • The downloaded filename will be a hexadecimal hash. Append .tar.gz to the filename, and extract using the tool of your choosing (I used 7-Zip on Windows by right mouse clicking on the file and clicking “extract to …”). For tar.gz files you’ll have to run the extract command twice.
  • Finally, double click the box.ovf file to commence import into the VirtualBox manager. You can delete the extracted files from your downloads folder when this is complete.
  • You might have to Google to find the username and password for the box you're using, but in the above case the username and password were both “vagrant”.
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