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Testing websites and various programs on Windows as a Mac owner

A MacBook Air with limited RAM is my primary development machine. In order to test programs I write on a box with more beefy specs, I rent a gaming rig through Parsec Gaming and stream to it from my MacBook. The idea is that this will give me low latency, immersive access to a GPU-equipped machine on which I can crunch ML data, run python scripts, trial software, and so on.

It's not perfect, but the latency and general user experience is definitely improved when using Parsec over Paperspace's in-browser tool. The tradeoff is that it is not available from anywhere; only machines that have Parsec installed can access this window(s) in a cloud, while boxes provisioned directly through Paperspace are available anywhere I have access to a web browser. Additionally, Paperspace provides some great tools for managing these machines which Parsec does not, including cloning them, backing up the hard drive, upgrading or downgrading CPUs or RAM, adding public IP addresses, and doing other fancy things that swing it a smidgen closer to being a cloud hosting platform rather than merely a remote workspace.

Paperspace also offers cheaper alternatives to the fully specced out Goliath builds that they contract to Parsec. I've got to say, though; the Parsec client is fantastic to use.

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